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Lake Sonoma - Jeremy Neilsen wins!!

Jeremy Neilsen wins with 14.65lbs. and BF 5.30lbs. In 2nd was Patrick Smith with 11.69lbs. Coming in 3rd was Ortho Middelton with 10.19lbs. Next in 4th was Craig Stewart with 10.04lbs. and 2nd BF 3.49lbs. Finally in 5th was Scott Gabaldon with 9.78lbs.

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Next one up, New Bullards Bar!See 2018 Schedule

Lake Berryessa - Paul Arthur wins!!

Paul Arthur wins with 11.81lbs. In 2nd was Steve Skanderson with 10.6lbs. and BF 4.12lbs. Coming in 3rd was Andrew Skanderson with 10.60lbs. and 2nd BF 3.27lbs. Next in 4th was Dillon Miggins with 9.44lbs. Finally in 5th was Ron Cassero with 9.43lbs.

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Upcoming Events and News

    April 7 - 2017 TOC - Clear Lake - County Park.
    April 28-29 - Next tournament - New Bullards Bar - Dark Day.

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