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Lake Sonoma - Austin Riggs Wins!

Austin Riggs wins with 13.19lbs. and BF 7.13lbs. In 2nd was Steve Skanderson with 11.38lbs. Coming in 3rd was Luke Pullen with 8.94lbs. Next in 4th was Steve Adams with 7.94lbs. Finally, in 5th was Paul Zavala with 7.75lbs. and 2nd BF 6.00lbs.

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Next one up, Delta!

Clear Lake - Cottom/Skanderson Win!

Jim Cottom and Steve Skanderson win with 32.62lbs. and Day 1 2nd BF 3.58lbs. In 2nd was Chad Matteri with 31.25lbs. and Day 1 BF 4.83lbs. Coming in 3rd was Jimbo McIsaac and Thomas Ostrand with 26.96lbs. Next in 4th was Craig Stewart and Carla Lemmon with 25.62lbs. and Day 2 2nd BF 5.84lbs. Finally, in 5th was Ron Cassero and Fred Sypolt with 14.55lbs. Lynne Marquez caught Day 2 BF 6.06lbs.

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