Nontournament Largemouth

Dianne Warner shows a couple nice bass from a recent Clear Lake trip. Diane Warner
Brian Garland Brian Garland shows off a 13lb 4oz beauty he caught on the Delta.
Craig Stewart hoists 10.4lbs of a very large mouth that went for a brush hog late one night at Lake Sonoma. Craig Stewart and a 10.4lb mouth
Mike McPherson Mike McPherson with a chubby fish that almost went 10lbs.
Steve Skanderson and Max Riggs show off the fish that earned them second place at a Won Bass tournament at Clear Lake. The big fish weighed 9.65lbs. Steve Skanderson and Max Riggs
Dominic Elissiry Dominic Elissiry used a jig to catch this 8.5lb beauty at Lake Sonoma.
Ken Bull with a 8.4lb Clear Lake largemouth taken on a lipless crank. Ken Bull
Cheta Graska Chet Graska with a 6.30lb Clear Lake largemouth.
Jerry Wilson with 17lbs of Clear Lake largemouth. That's almost a 6lb average! Jerry Wilson

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