Hall Of Fame

Year Angler of the Year Co-Angler of the Year TOC Champion Big Fish of the Year
2016 Steve Skanderson Carla Lemmon Jay Ainsworth Ron Derrick
2015 Jimbo McIsaac Carla Lemmon Jay Ainsworth Jimbo McIsaac
2014 Chad Matteri Carla Lemmon Chad Matteri Ron Cassero
2013 Ernie Nyiri/Steve *Skanderson(Tie) *Tie for AOY Steve Skanderson Ron Derrick
2012 Rodney O'Dell Carla Lemmon Rodney O'Dell Mike Purtell
2011 Greg Fina Craig Stewart Craig Stewart Dianne Warner
2010 Steve Adams Mike Purtell Jerod Adams Paul Zavala
2009 Steve Adams Mike Purtell Craig Stewart Nathan Boemler
2008 Steve Adams Mike Purtell Pat McGee Jerod Adams
2007 Jerod Adams Mike Purtell/John Hatfield(Tie) Jerod Adams Ron Derrick
2006 Jon Adams Craig Stewart Steve Skanderson/John Hatfield Ken Bull
2005 Steve Adams Craig Stewart Jerod Adams/Tage Wert  
2004 Steve Adams Steve Adams Jerod Adams  
2003 Jerod Adams Steve Adams Paul Facio  
2002 Obie Bowman Craig Stewart Greg Witham  
2001 Jerod Adams Greg Witham Dan Brothers  

  Weight Angler Venue Date
Largest Bass: 11.97 Paul Facio Clear Lake April 23, 1998
Biggest 5 fish
draw sack
31.65 Paul Zavala Clear Lake November 23, 2013
Biggest 5 fish
team sack
28.99 Tim Schlander
Brandon Service
Clear Lake July 28, 2007
Biggest 2 day
team sack
54.11 Tim Schlander
Brandon Service
Clear Lake July 28,29 2007